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[TV Program] Japan Hana featured on the Osaka’s television program “Easy to Understand News”.

Posted by Hana.A on October 28, 2022


On October 28, 2022, Ms. Glass Wu, CEO of our company “Japan Hana Real Estate” was being interviewed by the Osaka’s television program “Easy to Understand News” through ZOOM.

“As yen has weakened, properties in Japan are attractive.”


The program introduced the 14th floor unit of the Branz Tower Wellith Shinsaibashi South that is managed by our company.


The television program has also visited the Osaka Nanko Logistics Centre that is managed by our company as well.

“The logistic warehouse is brought by a company from England.”


“As yen has weaken, it is easier to make determine.”


CEO of our company, Ms. Glass Wu mentioned about the potential and captivation of properties’ investments in Japan and Osaka.

Ms. Glass Wu : “Actually, there are more Hong Kong, Singapore, China…….”

Ms. Glass Wu: “American, Australian and European customers to do consultations and received more enquiries.”


Ms Glass Wu: “Comparing to properties in Tokyo, Osaka’s are more popular.”

TV Osaka’s: “Really?”

Ms. Glass Wu: “Since the (price of) properties in Osaka still have the probability in increasing, there is potential in them.”

Ms. Glass Wu: “ (investors around the world) are aware of the properties in Japan. There are more enquires on properties in Osaka than Tokyo’s.”

Ms. Glass Wu: “As overseas investors perceive that the properties’ prices in Japan still have the probability to increase.”

Ms. Glass Wu: “We can hope that (weakened yen) can be a positive influence on Japanese market.”


“According to the real estate company, if there is overseas investors investing properties in Japan, it will increase the tax income of the Japanese government, maintain or boost the price of the land and even create more job opportunities.”


Our company is selling the unit in the program, the 14th floor unit of the Branz Tower Wellith Shinsaibashi South and leasing the common office, affiliated office and warehouse of the Osaka Nanko Logistics Centre.

If you would like to receive more information, please feel free to contact us thorough email anytime.

Email for enquiry:


Branz Tower Wellith Shinsaibashi South < 1 Chome, 3-3 Higashishinsaibashi,Chuo Ward, Osaka>


Osaka Nanko Logistics Centre  (leasing warehouses and offices)

If you missed the show, you could watch it on the YouTube Channel of Osaka’s Television.


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