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After-Purchase Services

Our group company, Hana Management understands that managing properties in Japan can be a demanding task, especially for busy local Japanese and overseas clients who may not be physically present in Japan. We are the comprehensive property care and rental solutions to ensure buyers have peace of mind when investing in real estate in Japan.

After Purchase Service - Japan Hana Real Estate


Hana Management offers leasing services to find suitable tenants for your property. We conduct market research, develop appropriate pricing and marketing strategies, and implement professional promotions to maximize the appeal of your property.

Our experienced team handles tenant screening, contract negotiations, and contract management, ensuring a smooth leasing process.

Rental Management

Hana Management provides professional rental management service for rent collection and management of all tenancy matters in order to facilitate smooth communication with tenants .

Regular transfers will also be made to overseas bank accounts according to the wishes of property owners. We also partner with professional management companies across Japan to ensure owners have their properties managed comfortably in an all-in-one service.

Tax Specialists

Tax matters related to Japanese properties can be complex and require specialised knowledge. Hana Management is able to arrange property tax specialists based in Japan to provide all types of tax advice and support related to the property sector.

Minimising your tax risks and systemizing the accounting and reporting procedures for owners of multiple properties.

Technical services

Hana Management is contribute to the maintenance and improvement of your property by working with reliable vendors from our extensive network, providing quality services and effective cost management.

Summary of Rental Management Services

  • Monthly reminders to tenants 
  • Collection of rental payments
  • Remittance to owner
  • Coordinate any property maintenance required with tenant and owner
  • Organise end of contract procedures
  • Handling tenant complaints

Summary of Rental Management Fees




Monthly Rental Management Fee 

5% of total rent plus consumption tax

New Tenancy Fee

One month’s rent plus consumption tax

Tenancy Renewal Handling Fee

Half a month’s rent plus consumption tax

Bank Remittance Fee

Subject to prevailing rates

Points to note: The above tax rates are for general cases, fees and costs may vary according to the property type and location and the individual’s circumstances

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