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"Connecting Japan with Asia and the rest of the world"

Hana Global Investments is an integrated real estate and alternative investments company.

We are devoted to helping our clients find best-in-class global investments to meet their needs and interests and achieve their investment goals.

Established in 2015 in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Osaka with a focus on Japan Real Estate, Hana has expanded its product offering and global footprint to include carefully curated international property opportunities and strategic investments. We take great pride in finding the most interesting opportunities for our clients and making sure they meet our client’s needs.

Planning and Consulting

Our experienced consultants will assess each investor’s needs and goals, and equip them with all necessary information and market insights to help them find their ideal investment.

Transaction Process

Our consultants will guide clients through the entire transaction process, from signing the sales and purchase agreement to  the collection of keys. We help ensure that the entire purchase process is straightforward and seamless.

Property and Lettings Management

We provide property and lettings management through dedicated local teams, from tenant marketing to maintenance and property management. We aim to reduce vacancy periods and maximise investor returns.


Armed with an extensive network of banks and financial institutions, our consultants will find the most favourable mortgage deals to fit the specific needs of our clients.

Our Partners


Hana has a strong track record of successfully helping developers access new markets and devise optimal sales and marketing strategies.  

We work closely with developers early on in the project development process and advise on optimal marketing strategies that build brand recognition, target the right investor segments and build momentum for the development. 

No two projects are the same and we will draw upon our experience, local market knowledge and extensive channel networks to achieve the best possible outcome.

Joint Venture Partners and Solutions

Hana works closely with developers in the early stages of project development. From sourcing land to helping fund selected projects either through the introduction of debt finance or joint venture partners. Our aim is to help enhance returns for the developer and project stakeholders. 

Property Investors

Hana is dedicated to our clients and building long term relationships. 

We help our investors, be they individuals, family offices or funds, make informed decisions on investments and build investment portfolios that are safeguarded against risk factors, offer diversification, and with the ultimate goal of building long term asset values. 

Our expert consultants will help assess each investors’ needs and goals and help guide them through the entire process. 

Japan Real Estate Investment Guide

Distribution Partners

Our distribution partners are as important to us as our clients, and bring with them a wealth of experience and expertise. Many are institutions, financial professionals, financial planners as well as real estate professionals. 

We view our partners as an extension of our business and in turn we help our partners access new business opportunities and diversify their product offering for their clients. 

We provide extensive resources and support to our distribution partners, through training sessions, event and seminar collaboration and strategic planning.

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