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【TV Program】Japan Hana featured on the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS)’s local news program

Posted by Hana.A on December 29, 2022

 On 27th December 2022, Ms. Glass Wu, CEO of our company “Japan Hana Real Estate” was being interviewed in one of the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) ‘s news program.

News programs produced by the KBS1 channel are the most reputable, reliable, and prominent television programs in Korea local.

Broadcast Date and Time: 27th December 2022, 10:00pm~

Program Name: “ Bargain Sale Japan……. The lost, after the 30 years’ economic storm” (Original Title: 일본이 팔리고 있다…잃어버린 30년 그 후폭풍)


A Hong Kong investment company is going to launch a 500 billion Property Investment Project in Japan in the coming 2 years. (NIKKEI 12th Aug. 2022)

A Singapore investment company has a plan in buying 30 buildings located in the Tokyo center before 2023 March.  (NIKKEI 12th Aug. 2022)



Ms. Glass Wu: “Recently, there are a lot of inquiries from all over the world. Chinese, Thai, German, French, British and even Korean clients asking about property investment in Japan.”

The program itself is originally in Korean and most of the interviewees speak in Japanese. If you are interested in the program, please feel free to turn on the “auto-translate” subtitle button in YouTube to choose the language subtitle you prefer while enjoying the program.

KBS Preview (Original Title: KBS시사) Official YouTube website

Bargain Sale Japan……. The lost, after the 30 years’ economic storm (Original Title:일본이 팔리고 있다…잃어버린 30년 그 후폭풍)

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