Selling Cost and Taxes

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A summary of costs and taxes when selling your property in Japan 

Selling Costs and Taxes

Selling your property need not be a complicated process. A summary of selling costs and taxes are included below to guide you.

Taxes and Related Fees When Selling Your Property

Agency Fee (Plus Consumption Tax)

3% + ¥60,000

Judicial Scrivener Fees 

¥50,000 - ¥200,000

Stamp Tax

Stamp tax is paid when signing a sales, construction or mortgage contract. The amount of stamp tax is based on the sale price.


Property Price RangeStamp Tax
¥10-50 million¥10,000
¥50-100 million¥30,000
¥100-500 million¥60,000
¥500million – 1billion¥160,000

Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax is only applied to the net gain from selling your property minus any capital expenses


Tax Rate

If held within 5 years

30% of Capital Gain

If held for more than 5 years

15% of Capital Gain


Points to note:

The above tax rates are for general cases, fees and costs may vary according to the property type and location and individual circumstances. Clients are advised to seek independent tax advice for their individual tax situation. 

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