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Kiroro Guide

Enjoy Kiroro with powder snow, the outdoors, golf, and sightseeing in Otaru! Located in 90 minutes from Sapporo and in 50 minutes from Otaru, Kiroro Resort (Kiroro) is a ski sanctuary place that skiers all over the world long for as “one of the best powder snow in the world”. The two mountains of Asari and Nagamine, which are blessed with pure powder snow …

Hana Area

Furano Guide

Experience Furano! Sightseeing, Outdoor Activities, Powder Ski, Sipping Wine and Enjoying Hot Spring  Furano is a city in the prefecture of Hokkaido, Japan, located in the southern reaches of Kamikawa prefecture, under whose jurisdiction it resides. Due to its position in the heart of Hokkaido, Furano is nicknamed the “navel town.” Well known throughout Japan as a top tourism destination, it is famous for its …

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