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[TV program] Japan Hana featured on TV Asahi’s “Report Station”

Posted by Hana.A on May 15, 2023

Ms. Glass Wu, CEO of our company “Japan Hana Real Estate” was featured in one of the segment on TV Asahi’s “Report Station” on May 12th 2023.

In the program, our company’s CEO Ms. Glass Wu is being interviewed regarding to the increase of overseas investors in the property market of Japan.

The incease of overseas investors in Japanse real estate
(151% : America) (140%: Germany) (132%:China) (121%: United Kingdom) (119%: Japan)


Q: What is the reaction of (overseas) investors towards the properties in Japan?


Ms. Glass Wu: As Japanese yen has been weakening, there are more investors increasing their budget

Ms. Glass Wu: (Regarding to the budget) There are many clients purchasing properties around 300 to 1000 million yen.


Q: How would these clients purchase these million yen properties?

Ms. Glass Wu: By on-time payment


Q: Even for properties above 500 million yen?
Ms. Glass Wu: Indeed. Even for 1000 or 2000 million yen properties, these clients also paid by on-time


Report Station official website

If you have missed the show, please check out the official channel of Report  Station’s official website for rewatch

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