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[TV Program] Japan Hana featured on the TBS Series “Sunday Morning New Year Special”

Posted by Hana.A on January 9, 2023

On January 8, 2023, Ms. Glass Wu, CEO of our company “Japan Hana Real Estate”, was featured on TBS series “Sunday Morning New Year Special”.


Our American client who is in his 30s, visiting the 34th floor unit of the Takanawa City Tower in Tokyo Minato Ward

500-million yen

Our American client visiting the tower mansion…

“The scenery in Tokyo is extraordinary. It is marvelous.”

The spacious 34th floor unit of the Takanawa City Tower is over 200㎡ and provides a great Tokyo night scenery.

TBS: “Is this property cheaper than those in America?”

Our American client: “That’s right”


Our company is selling the unit introduced in the program, the 34th floor unit of the Takanawa City Tower which is near the Shirokane Takanawa Station.

If you are interested in the Takanawa City Tower, please click here for more information.


If you have missed the program, please click into the following website to rewatch it.

外国資本に買われるニッポン 高級タワマンにリゾート施設…豊かな湧水地まで? 【墜ちるニッポン再生の道は】サンデーモーニング

(Japan properties being bought by Foreign investors  Luxurious Tower Mansions, Resorts’ facilities to Hot Spring? [The way for fading Japan to survive is] Sunday Morning)


Aside from the above website, you can also rewatch the program through the official YouTube channel of TBS. Please click here for the show.

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