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【Japan Immigration】 Are you ready to immigrate to Japan?

Posted by Japan Hana on April 25, 2019

Business Manager Visa 

The Japan Business Manager Visa is for entrepreneurs who either invest in or undertake a senior role in managing a business in Japan.

In this article, we discuss the conditions for obtaining the Business Manager Visa, the conditions for renewal, the conditions for obtaining permanent residency and citizenship and discuss the advantages of immigrating to Japan.

Application Requirements and Application Process

1. Company with at least 5 million Japanese yen as capital

Applicants are required to incorporate a company in Japan with a minimum capital of JPY5 million (approximately HK$350,000), which is owned by the registered company and can be used at its discretion.

2. Business plan written in Japanese 

Various items must be included in preparing the business plan. The business purpose, including what kind of business will be run, and a description of how the business will be run. The contents, quality and feasibility of the business plan will be confirmed by the Immigration Bureau.

It is advisable to also write things that may not be done now but to describe the business that you plan to do in the future. The important thing is that you must obtain permission for conducting business. 

3. Renewal / citizenship / permanent residency

This visa is typically granted for one year.

Prior to the visa’s expiration date, the resident may apply for an extension, provided that requirements are still met. There is no limit on the number of extensions permitted. Management visas have a period of residence of 5 years, 3 years, 1 year, 4 months, and 3 months. After 5 years, you can apply for Japanese citizenship, after 10 years, you can apply for a permanent residence visa.


Visa Applications Q&A

1. Can I get residency if I buy property in Japan?

Buying property does not give you a visa. The way that you can get a visa is by running your own business in Japan to apply for a business manager visa.

2.Can I apply for a business manager visa by renting a building or operating an Airbnb property?

It is difficult to apply for a Japanese business management visa by buying a property for rent, and even if you obtain a business manager visa for the first year, it is not easy to renew it for a later period.

3.How do I renew my Japanese business visa?

For business management visa renewal, business continuity is one of the most  important. The Immigration Bureau determines the business continuity by looking at the balance sheet and gross profit in the preceding financial quarters.

4. Process of applying for business management visa in Japan

【1】Company establishment and various notifications to the tax office

【2】Permits such as business licenses

【3】Complete office equipment configuration

【4】Decide on business plan

【5】Prepare business proposal with lawyer

【6】Application for a business manager visa

【7】Visa Approved

【8】Start your business

5. How long does it take to get permanent residency in Japan?

Usually, the visa holder may be eligible for permanent residency after 10 years of continuous legal residence in the country. Highly Skilled Professionals (HSP) with 70 points or more can apply for permanent residence visa (green card) after 3 years, and HSP persons with 80 points or more can apply for permanent residence visa after 1 year. If you have a Japanese spouse, you must have lived in Japan for more than 3 years.

6. How long does it take to get Japanese citizenship?

After 5 years living in the country a resident may be eligible to apply for citizenship. A visa holder who can support themselves financially and is without a criminal record may be eligible to apply.

7. Is there a high success rate in applying for a Japanese business management visa?

As long as the business is a real business, there is little chance that the application will be unsuccessful. If the application is denied, there is an opportunity to provide an explanation and supplemental information and there is still a good chance that the application will be approved after explaining the situation.

8. What are the benefits that foreigners receive by obtaining a business manager visa?

Education and welfare benefits are the same as those for Japanese citizens (such as free public elementary school to high school with no restrictions on the number of foreign students). Also, you can join the public health insurance system.

9,Can my children enjoy the same educational benefits as Japanese children after obtaining a business manager visa?

Children can attend school in Japan after receiving a family visa. You can choose from Japanese public schools or international private schools. Tuition fees for children attending Japanese universities are only 1/3 to 1/5 of those for international students.

10. What is the scope of business of Japanese companies?

Under the premise of legality, a company can operate in a wide range of different business sectors. For example, a company can simultaneously operate an import and export business, catering business, hotel management etc. It should be noted that there are some industries that require additional permits to operate.

11. What type of Japanese company to establish?

There is no restriction on the type of company that can be used to apply for the business manager visa. It depends on your needs. The main form of business vehicle used in Japan is a stock company (Kabushiki Kaisha). The majority of business vehicles operated in Japan are unlisted stock companies. The limited liability company (Godo Kaisha) is also one of the preferred Japanese business forms where the shareholders have limited liability based on their contribution to the capital.

12. Can I hire overseas employees with a work visa after obtaining a business manager visa?

In principle, it is possible and there is no limit to the number of employees, provided that the company can provide the work content and workload to satisfy the work visa and can prove that it cannot recruit suitable personnel in Japan. Also, the overseas employee must have a N1 Japanese language proficiency and professional ability.

13. Taxes of a company

The taxes of a company are divided into taxes for income generation, taxes for employees, taxes for asset holding, temporary taxes, etc. 

The taxes levied in Japan on income generated by the activities of a corporation include corporate tax (national tax), local corporate tax (national tax), corporate inhabitant tax (local tax), enterprise tax (local tax), to name a few. We would recommend for taxes that you speak with a professional tax accountant. As a business owner, one must have basic knowledge of taxes in order to reduce unnecessary costs of a company. 


Before setting up a company in Japan, it is important that you have a certain amount of capital and understand all the details to determine if you are suitable to immigrate to Japan by applying for a business management visa. There are risks involved in running a company and there is no guarantee of success. After you have made a business plan and obtained a management visa, you can adjust the direction of your business to suit your needs through the first stage of adaptation and operation, and finally to determine the specific business of your company.

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