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【Updated on January 2022) Japan Investment Immigration Guide

Posted by Japan Hana on March 8, 2021

Japan Investment Immigration Guide

Business Manager Visa 

The Japan Business Manager Visa is for entrepreneurs who either invest in or undertake a senior role in managing a business in Japan.

In this article, we discuss the conditions for obtaining the Business Manager Visa, conditions for renewal, the conditions for obtaining permanent residency and citizenship and discuss the advantages for immigrating to Japan.


  1. Applicant must be 20 years old or above
  2. Must invest JPY 5,000,000 or above for the running of a company in Japan
  3. Fixed company address / office in Japan

Family Members

The Business Manager Visa allows for Spouse and Children. 1 year Business Manager Visa for applicant, Dependant Visas for spouse and children.

Processing Time

In general, the application and processing time will take 6-8 months.

Renewal Conditions

  1. The applicant does not have a criminal record
  2. The business is performing well
  3. The profit of the business can maintain an independent living for the applicant
  4. Depending on the performance of the business, 1, 3 or 5 year visa renewals can be awarded
  5. The applicant is without specific residence requirement

Conditions of Permanent Residency in Japan

    1. Applicant has lived in Japan for 10 years continuously
    2. Visa cannot be interrupted
    3. Applicant has stable economic status / ability to make an independent living
    4. Applicant has good behaviour and conduct, without criminal record in Japan
    5. Applicant has stayed in Japan physically for more than 6 months prior to and during application process

Conditions for Citizenship in Japan

    1. Applicant has stayed in Japan for 5 years continuously
    2. Can support themselves financially
    3. Without criminal record for the whole family
    4. Applicant has renounced their original nationality
    5. Japanese language ability
    6. Naturalisation interview required

Items required for applying the Business Manager Visa 

    1. Passport
    2. ID Card
    3. Personal Photos x4 (3×4 cm)
    4. Marriage Certificate
    5. Birth Certificate
    6. CV
    7. Business Plan
    8. Proof of Deposit
    9. Certificate of Fund Source (monthly statement or other supporting document)
    10. Proof of employment and Proof of Income
    11. Japanese Business License, Business Card, Real Estate Certificate, Sale or Lease Agreement, Photos, etc.

Benefits of Immigrating to Japan

1.Fast Approval Time and Secure Investment Funds

You can receive approval of the Japanese Immigration Bureau for your visa in as quickly as 3 months. This compares favourably to other countries where there could be approval times stretching into the years.

In addition, assets of JPY 5 million or more to be invested, need not necessarily come from the business of the applicant, it can also come as a gift, inheritance or through other legal means. The investment amount is not placed into an account designated by the government, but placed into the bank account of the Japanese company of the applicant, therefore the funds are comparatively much safer and within your control.

2.Convenience of Choice of City

If you want to settle in Japan, you can choose to live in any city in Japan, unlike some countries where immigration is only to a certain province. At the same time, holding a Japanese resident visa allows holders to apply for long-term multiple-entry visas to many countries in the world.

3.Access to Social Benefits Immediately

Many social benefits can be accessed immediately after immigrating to Japan. These include emergency medical assistance, subsidized medical treatment, free schooling for children, short-term non-cash emergency relief, immunizations, job training etc.

4.Comfortable Living Environment

Japan regularly features in the best places to live in the world in many publications and surveys. With a thriving economy, strong rule of law and stable political environment it is easy to see why. When you move to Japan you will discover that the streets and lanes are very clean and orderly and air pollution is noticeably less than in any other major industralised nation. The crime rate in cities across Japan is extremely low in comparison to other countries. It is generally safe to go out at night and you do not generally need to worry about theft. Japan holds many things to strict regulations, this includes food safety, which is held to very high standards.

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