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Tokyo Guide

Posted by Japan Hana on March 8, 2021
Tokyo Japan Streets
Tokyo is a stunning, stimulating and seductive city. Boasting a cacophony of contrasts, Japan’s megalopolis is by turns thrilling, intriguing and exhausting. A city of a dozen different characters, visitors can pretty much choose their Tokyo. Chaotic and noisy or patient zen-like calm. Soaring skyscrapers or tiny hidden backstreet shrines. The plastic and neon of the love hotels or the tatami mat simplicity of traditional ryokans. In between the relentless hoots and whirs of the pachinko gaming parlors, the crazy clamor of traffic and the Shinto and Buddhist Shrines calmly anchoring the city, Tokyo hurtles towards the future, with one fashionably-shod foot still firmly in the past.

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