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Japan Hana Featured on Japanese TV Asahi “Super J Channel” Show

Posted by Hana.A on October 7, 2022

Japan Hana Real Estate’s CEO, Ms. Glass Wu was recently interviewed for a segment of TV Asahi show’s “Super J Channel” called “J’s Track” that aired on October 6, 2022.

On “J’s Track,” Ms. Wu shows a Tokyo property to an Indonesian investor. He mentioned that Japanese properties are promising for investment.

Ms. Wu: “Upper floor can be a residential area while the ground floor can be an office.”

Indonesian investor: “My overseas friends told me 5-6 years ago…”

Indonesian investor: “…Investment in Japan is promising and profitable!”

Indonesian investor: “My friends have told me about investing in Japan.“

Ms. Wu: “Since the yen has weakened, clients are more determined than ever to to invest in Japan.”

(From “Super J Channel” broadcast on October 6, 2022)

[ANNnewCH ]

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