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The front-runner of Casino industry is excited about Osaka’s victory

Posted by Japan Hana on November 27, 2018

The front-runner of Casino industry is excited about Osaka’s victory

After Osaka was selected to host 2025 World Expo, Osaka’s leaders have turned their attention toward an integrated casino resort. Hong Kong’s biggest casino gaming and entertainment resort facilities operator, Melco resorts & entertainment is going to be the front-runner for casino complex in Osaka.

Since the legislation of the Japan IR (integrated resort) plan was passed, Melco Resorts & Entertainment is planning to capitalize on the fledgling Japanese gambling industry. The 2025 Osaka Expo will help to introduce Osaka’s integrated casino resort to the world.

The vice president of Melco resorts currently commented that “We are greatly supporting the theme, Designing Future Society for Our Lives of the 2025 Osaka Expo, and I believe it will benefit the Osaka IR as well. “

Construction costs of the casino resort in Osaka have been estimated at above JPY 100 billion. The scale of the casino and subway line extension means huge investments will be needed on the part of local taxpayers, the business community, and especially the casino resort operator. In the coming months and years, who will pay how much and for what will be a contentious economic and political debate in Osaka. But at this moment, we are all looking forward to see the afterglow of Osaka’s victory on 2025 Osaka Expo, as it will bring new prosperity to the whole country of Japan.

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