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[Nikkei Asia, Reuters] Japan saw record foreign visitors in February, tourism agency says

Posted by Hana 2 on March 26, 2024

[Photo retrieved from original article ]

[Abstract] Cited from Reuters, the number of foreign visitors to Japan for business and leisure  has set a record of receiving 2.79 millions visitors in the past February. Comparing to the statistics before the world pandemic, the number of arrivals to Japan in the first two months of 2024 are 7.1% more than before. Even though the tourism industry had a rough period of time in the past three to four years, the industry is now in its revival. The tourist economy has already brought around 5 trillion yen to the country in 2023 and “Japan is the top destination for travelers from 12 countries on Agoda’s online booking platform and such popularity will continue to remain this year.” according to the Chief Executive of Agoda.


Original Article: Japan saw record foreign visitors in February, tourism agency says, Arrival of 2.79 millions was highest for month and since COVID-19 outbreak

 [Published on 2024/03/19]


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