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[TV program] Japan Hana Featured on Japanese TV Asahi “Morning Show”

Posted by Hana.A on March 6, 2024

Ms. Glass Wu, CEO of our company “Japan Hana Real Estate” is featured on Japanese TV Asahi ‘Morning Show‘, a popular television broadcast.

Broadcast Date: 2024/03/06

Segment Name: Panel Corner

Corner Name: ‘The first ever occurrence in the city ranking of place people want to live ‘, ‘Soaring real estate prices, younger generation fleeing Tokyo to raise their children’

Ms Glass Wu: [ Foreign Investors buying: We are receiving 2-3 times more overseas enquires in buying mansions in Japan now than the time before Covid-19 pandemic. 80% of these clients are buying as an investment. And these overseas enquiries are not only from Asia but also from America, Europe, India and Dubai…etc.]


[Title: Tokyo central area- The shocking truth of buying 1 en-bloc building from buyer]

1. Foreign investors: 1 en-bloc building is around 100-200M yen and there are clients buying the entire building


2.Foreign investors:- 50% of these clients purchase the property without taking visit to the place and in this case, there’s once a client bought a 5 billion yen building


Reasons why mansions in Tokyo Central area are popular:

1.Weakened Japanese Yen

2.Comparing with other overseas major developed cities, the property price in Japan is cheaper


Tokyo Minato Ward 3LDK: Around 210 million yen

Hong Kong 3LDK: Around 900 million yen


Ms Glass Wu: Aside from weakened Japanese yen, the spreading of coronavirus is now clam down, there’s a visible recovery in industries like tourism. Along with the visible recovery , it has sparked investment interest in Japan. And it is possible that Japanese real estate will continue to be popular in the future years.



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