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[TV Program] Japan Hana featuring on Japan television program “Day Day”

Posted by Hana.A on February 27, 2024

Ms. Glass Wu, CEO of our company “Japan Hana Real Estate” is going to be featured on the Japan television program “DayDay” ,a popular morning broadcast (09:00~11:10) in Japan.


-Broadcast Information-

Segment Name: [Targeting expensive mansion] Who are the people that bought the billion worth mansion? Which area is popular now? 


[Title: The price of second-hand mansions in the central area of Tokyo are high-priced ,

and overall prices of second-hand mansions in Japan are steadily rising….the target is? Why?]

Overseas buyers also…..

[Title: Investors around the world keep an eye on the mansion (in Japan), The prices will go up until when?, The time to buy…, Why?]

Ms. Glass Wu: Lately, there are more foreign investors purchasing mansions for investment

Ms. Glass Wu: 80% (foreign investors buy these mansion) for investment use

Ms. Glass Wu: There is a client from America the week before

Ms. Glass Wu: And the day before, there’s also a Canadian client came to Japan

Ms. Glass Wu: (Properties in the central area of Japan comparing with) e.g. America, China and Hong Kong…

Ms. Glass Wu: are 30-40% cheaper

(900 million yen)

(In Japan: worth for 600 million yen) (In Hong Kong: worth for 900 million yen)


If you are interested in the program, please feel free to click into the following official website of the program “Day Day”:


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