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Our representative was interviewed by the Mainichi Shimbun.

Posted by Hana.A on April 18, 2024

Japan Hana Real Estate were interviewed for the investigative article “CU Close-up” in the Mainichi Shimbun, and a comment from our representative was published.

Newspaper publication date: March 27, 2024 (Wednesday) National newspaper morning edition
『Special demand for Chinese for tower mansion ~ Producing soaring prices in ‘Japan’s Golden Decade”』

In this paper, our representative says:

An executive at Japan Hana Real Estate, which has bases in Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Osaka, also expressed the strong investment enthusiasm, saying, “Overseas investors make quick decisions. They sometimes purchase in cash”.


The article can be viewed on the Mainichi Shimbun official website below.


Wealthy Chinese people buy Tokyo’s Tower Man, the missing person with a budget of 10 billion yen (paid article in Japanese)


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