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[HK01, United Daily News] Revival of Japanese Tourism Industry; Overseas Investors Bullish on Prospects, Hotels Become Hot Buying Targets

Posted by Hana 2 on February 27, 2024

(Photo: HK01,2023)

[Abstract] After the pandemic, tourists visiting Japan have been spending more than before and the country has been continuing to attract foreign visitors around the world which leads to an increased demand in local hotels and a more diversified market. Additionally, the weaken Japanese yen in recent years has significantly attracted foreign visitors to travel in Japan and foreign investors to invest in different types of hotels. According to the original article from Bloomberg, it has cited the report from MSCI Real Assets, mentioning that overseas investors invested 2 billion US dollars in the Japanese hotel industry in 2023, becoming the top most invested in overall Asian real estate market. It also stated that as investors are able to adjust the price in real time according to the need in market, making hotel investment more favorable than investing in apartments or other types of real estate properties. Hence, there is currently  intense competition for acquiring business hotels in popular tourist areas.


(Original article written in Traditional Chinese)


If you are interested in the original article, please click into the link below:

Original Article: HK01 日本旅遊業復活 海外投資者睇好前景 酒店成「爆買」目標 , 2023/08/23

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