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[Bloomberg] Mori’s CEO is Eyeing the Next Roppongi Hills, Casino Resort in Tokyo

Posted by Hana 2 on January 16, 2024

(Photo: Mori Building Co., Ltd 2024)



In the recent interview that Bloomberg has conducted with the chief executive officer of Mori Building company, Shingo Tsuji, the company is planning on  a new “Hills” district project that is located in the area nearing to other company’s luxurious complex projects, the Roppongi Hills and Azabudai Hill. The development scale of this latest “Hills” project will be bigger than other projects and it is now upon approval from the local government. He has also stated his optimism towards Tokyo being the next after Osaka to set up and develop an integrated casino resort in the future during the interview. Tsuji has shared his opinions on Japan’s office market in the article as well.


(retrieved from the original Bloomberg article)


Original Article:  “Mori’s CEO Is Eyeing the Next Roppongi Hills, Casino Resort in Tokyo” written by Lisa Du and Yuji Okada on 2023/12/15


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