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Japan Hana was Interviewed by Yicai on Japan’s Property market

Posted by Hana 2 on January 16, 2024

Ms. Glass Wu, CEO of our company “Japan Hana Real Estate” was interviewed by Yicai (China Business Network), an influential Chinese journal on Japan’s property market.


In the article, Ms. Glass Wu has stated that the average selling price of  first-hand condominiums  in Tokyo last year has reached the highest on record. “In recent years, a few luxurious residences have emerged in Tokyo in which the average price of each mansion is worth around 50-60 million Chinese Yuan Renminbi and comparable with the tower mansion next to the New York Central Park. Buyers of these condominiums are not only local but also foreigners and Chinese as well.” said Ms. Wu.


“Lately, the 2025 World Expo that will be held in Japan (Osaka) is often mentioned by foreign investors when they are searching for properties in Japan.” “Some of our clients are Chinese listed companies. These companies are optimistic towards the tourism industry in Japan and they are seizing the investment opportunities. And we are searching for hotels with around 100 guest rooms (which are quite rare in the market nowadays) for these clients.” said Ms. Wu.


Aside from Japan’s property market in 2024, the article has also discussed the property market in America and South-east Asia. If you are interested in the original article, please click into the link below for the original article.


Original article :

2024 全球房地产市场展望: 美、日、东南亚房地产市场凉热几何? (2024/01/14)


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