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Free Wifi service will be covering all the Shinkansen lines before 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Posted by Japan Hana on August 17, 2018


In recent years, there are more and more free Wi-fi services in Japan for internet access of visitors from overseas. The Japan railway companies are currently working in the process of providing its passengers with free Wi-Fi. Before 2020 Tokyo Olympic game, free Wi-fi service is expected to cover almost all the railway routes around the country.


The internet service has grown steadily over the past year. By the end of May, 2018, JR East Railway had modified most of its trains to E5 series trains, which provide free wi-fi access for passengers; until 23rd July, 2018, up to 12 trains had upgraded to E6 series. Passengers can use their registered email to sign up for Wi-fi service if there are「FREE Wi-Fi」stickers on the trains. Before September, 2019, all the trains from Northeast、Hokuriku、Akita Shinkansen will be installed with free Wi-fi service. According to the information from JR railway companies, Joue-tsu Shinkansen will soon introduce a new upgraded train that operates with high speeded internet access.


For the Toukai JR railway, Toukai-dou Shinkansen had also introduced a new train model named 「N700A」on 25th July that provide free wireless Wi-fi. Before March, 2020, total 131 trains will be upgraded to the newest model.


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