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Business Management Visa

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Business Management Visa

The Business Manager Visa provides a status of residence to foreigners who are managing a business in Japan. Applicants can qualify by investing in a business in Japan,  establishing a company with a minimum capital of more than 5 million yen. Businesses include restaurants, shops, or participating in the operation of chain stores etc. Visas are typically granted for 1 to 5 years (depending on personal circumstances). Some of the common requirements for applicants include:

a. Have a business background or personal expertise

b. Did not break the law in Japan or other countries

c. Company has capital of 5 million yen or more

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Permanent Residency

Permanent residency can be achieved after fulfilling certain conditions, including:

a. Have residency status and have lived continuously for more than 10 years. 

b. Stable economic foundation (stable income)

c. If you are married to a Japanese, you must have lived for more than 3 years

d. For highly skilled professionals, such as doctors, managers of large companies, etc, permanent residency can be obtained quicker via the Highly Skilled Visa. It depends on the individual’s point score and you can apply as soon as 1 or 3 years


Citizenship can be achieved after fulfilling certain conditions, including:

a. Have lived continuously for more than 5 years (if married to a Japanese, only 3 years is required)

b.  Need to show the company’s final accounts report and tax payment certificate

c. Consent to loss of nationality

d. Certificate of Japanese Language Proficiency

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Immigration Investment Projects

Japan Hana has a range of Japan immigration investment projects. All are managed by a professional management team in Japan and the whole family can apply for a visa to move to Japan.

Projects include schools, operating shops, local restaurants, projects with long-term income guaranteed by large or listed companies, and franchise business projects.

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Izakaya Chain Restaurant

Special Needs School

Kushikatsu Izakaya Restaurant

Hokkaido Pork Rice Restaurant

Strawberry Farm Project

Container Farm Business

Sake Brewery Business

Ramen Franchise Restaurant

Past Immigration Investment Projects

Tokyo Izakaya Chain Restaurant

Tokyo Sashimi Restaurant

Special Needs School in Kanagawa

24 Hour Gym

Elderly Care Home

Ramen Restaurant in Kanagawa

Pizza Restaurant in Minato, Tokyo

Solar Power Project

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