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[CBRE Report] Why Japan remains an attractive real estate investment destination

Posted by Hana 2 on August 28, 2023

The CBRE Research Japan has published a report on “Why Japan remains an attractive real estate investment destination” on August 10th 2023:

(CBRE)With monetary tightening measures introduced to suppress inflation having stoked fears of a recession in Europe and the U.S., Japan’s appeal as a real estate investment destination is on the rise. The Japanese property market has long featured a number of elements that make it attractive to both domestic and foreign investors.


Abstract of the report:

-The liquidity of Japanese real estate market is high relative to other major markets across Asia Pacific.

-Relatively high cash-on-cash yields and stable rents are reasons for the growing presence of core and core-plus investments by foreign investors in Japan.

-With most experts projecting Japan’s easy monetary policies to continue, financial environment should continue to be favorable for the investors.

-Occupied office space in Japan has continued to increase, with the percentage of workers returning to office among the highest globally.

-Demand for logistics market continues to grow. The “2024 problem” and the strengthening of supply chains are likely to further drive nationwide demand for modern logistics facilities.

[Extracted from the official website of CBRE]


If you are interested in the complete report, please click into the following link:

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