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Why investing in Japan?

Posted by Japan Hana on June 8, 2019

Why investing in Japan?


5 Reasons for investing in Japan

1. Why properties in Japan deserve to invest?

Healthcare system, safety, education, environment and food quality in Japan top the highest standard in the world. Properties in Japan are far more affordable than the major cities in mainland China. The houses in Japan usually come with a whole package, so the buyers will not have to any extra equipment charges. Since most of the land in Japan is freehold, buyers can own the lands and properties permanently.

2.How’s the trend of Japan real estate market in recent years?

Japan’s GDP continues growing every year, the economy in Japan is experiencing another evolution again. Plus the advantages of Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, 2025 Osaka Expo, G20 and Osaka Casino Resorts project, property prices in Japan are expected to keep rising steadily. 

3.What urges investors to target Japan?

Japanese Yen is a stable and safe haven. Also, the rental rate in Japan is relatively higher than 5%. So it is a good choice for foreign investors who plan to send their children to study abroad in Japan, or just for managing assets oversea. 

Property price in Japan

4.How is the property price in Japan comparing to Hong Kong?

The property price in Japan is particularly lower than Hong Kong. Comparing Tokyo to Hong Kong, the entry price is lower and stable. 


5.How to calculate the property price in Japan?

The sales price of Japanese property is based on the gross floor area of the unit including the balcony. Public areas outside the unit are excluded from the sales price, which means the buyers only have to pay what they actually use.




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