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Where is the Best Place to Live in Tokyo? Guide to Finding Your Dream Apartment or House in Tokyo

Posted by Japan Hana on September 3, 2021

Japan Fuji Mountain Tokyo living Tokyo Tower

Where is the Best Place to Live in Tokyo? Tokyo, the heart of Japan, is a dream city to live in for locals and ex-pats. Easy access to work, schools, daily necessities, entertainment, and a natural environment are some of the main considerations when people search for their dream apartment or house in Tokyo. In this article, we will show you our best 4 wards and locations to live in Tokyo.


1. Minato Ward

Minatoku Minato-ward

Minato Ward –International Living

Minato Ward is the centre of international living in Tokyo with its high concentration of foreign companies, embassies, international schools and services geared to foreigners and professionals. Minato Ward is a perennial favourite for ex-pats and local Japanese looking for convenience, comfort and upscale living with a distinctly international flavour.


Where to Live in Minato

Tokyo Azabu juban

From significant commercial districts such as Roppongi, Toranomon, Shimbashi and Akasaka, to luxury residential neighbourhoods such as Azabu Juban, Aoyama and Shirokane, as well as large scale redevelopments in Shiodome and Odaiba, Minato Ward has a host of luxurious and upscale areas to choose from. All have a high number of international residents and a reputation for classy, fashionable restaurants and shops. 


Home to Some of Tokyo’s Most Iconic Landmarks

Tokyo Tower Shiba Park

Minato Ward houses some of Tokyo’s most iconic landmarks such as Tokyo Tower and offers an abundance of green and natural spaces such as Shiba Park and the Institute for Nature Study. Minato Ward is where international facilities and services are most concentrated in Tokyo, and with many western-style houses and apartment options, it is consistently the first choice for a place to call home.



2. Shibuya Ward – Best Place to Live in Tokyo

TokyoShibuya Crossing

Shibuya– Entertainment Centre of Tokyo

Shibuya, one of the most famous entertainment areas in Tokyo, is another top-ranked place to live in Tokyo. When you think of Shibuya, Shibuya Crossing, one of the most photographed locations in all of Japan, will no doubt spring to mind, but Shibuya is much more than that. Shibuya is a vibrant and energetic area that retains a cultural atmosphere and yet offers the convenience and elegance of modern living. 


Where to Live in Shibuya

Japan Tokyo Omotesando Hills

Shibuya is famous for its trendy and fashionable shopping areas, such as Daikanyama, Harajuki and Omotesando, which are also some of Tokyo’s most desirable places to live. These areas are all within walking distance from Shibuya Station. For upscale residential neighbourhoods look no further than Hiroo, Ebisu and Yoyogi, with their trendy cafes and restaurants. They all offer a short commute to major business areas and have ample international schools and medical facilities nearby.


Shibuya is Highly Accessible

Shibuya Station itself houses multiple train lines making it extremely accessible and convenient to connect with the rest of Tokyo. 

Shibuya has become Tokyo’s centre for innovation attracting technology companies such as Google, and major ongoing redevelopment will see Shibuya transformed for the next century. 


Most Beautiful Parks and Green Spaces

Tokyo Yoyogi Park

Looking for green places or a good walk before reaching home? Yoyogi Park and Shinjuku Gyoen Garden are some of the most beautiful and largest parks in Tokyo, offering residents an escape from the city and provide a good work-life balance.


3. Chuo Ward

Chuo Ward waterfront

Chuo Ward – City Lifestyle with Modern Conveniences

Chuo Ward, one of Tokyo’s six central wards, is considered the centre of Tokyo and offers residents a city lifestyle with all the modern conveniences one could ask for. There is world-class international dining and shopping, a short commute to business districts, and an excellent variety of affordable apartments and luxury condo options to choose from. 


Highly Accessible – Gateway to Japan

Chuo Ward Tokyo Station

Chuo Ward encompasses areas from Tokyo Station, Nihonbashi to the Tokyo Bay waterfront. It is a highly connected area with direct access via train to all of Tokyo’s main areas. Tokyo Station is in Chuo and is Tokyo’s main gateway to the rest of Japan, with the shinkansen bullet train, Narita Express and Yamanote train line circling the city. 


Nonstop Dining and Shopping

Japan Tokyo Sushi

Ginza is one of the most desirable shopping areas in Tokyo and home to luxury department stores and high-end designer boutiques. Close by is Tsukiji where you can get Michelin-starred sushi, and was once one of the largest fish markets in the world.


Chuo Ward – History and Culture in Abundance

Japan Traditional Culture Kabuki

Chuo Ward is a place with a long history, Nihombashi is home to the Bank of Japan and Tokyo Stock Exchange, its shopping area has department stores that were established hundreds of years ago. Chuo Ward is also a centre for a culture where you can enjoy different traditional arts, such as Kabuki performances. 


Affordable Luxury Apartments and Condos

Japan Tokyo Kachidoki waterfront

Chuo Ward’s closeness to the bay offers great views. The waterfront areas such as Kachidoki and Harumi have developed into luxury residential areas with new tower condominiums and offer some of the most affordable luxury apartment options in Tokyo. 

Chuo ward combines tradition and culture with modern city living, making it a top choice when choosing a place to live.


4. Shinjuku Ward – Best Place to Live in Tokyo

Tokyo Shinjuku

Shinjuku – Modern Metropolis with Charming Residential Areas

Shinjuku is the modern Tokyo that everyone dreams of. The futuristic city has business districts to the west, an expansive entertainment district to the east, and charming residential neighbourhoods dotted around in between. It offers everything that defines modern Japanese life. 


Busiest Train Station in the World

Shinjuku Station Shunjuku Eki

Shinjuku is home to the busiest station in the world, with over 3.5 million daily passengers, and more than 10 train lines that take you anywhere in the city. This provides massive upside if you need to commute to work or travel around the city.


Shinjuku – Centre for Entertainment and Business

Nishi Shinjuku

The Shinjuku Station area is unbeatable for its entertainment and dining, and world-renowned for its nightlife. Nishi-Shinjuku is a busy business district dominated by office towers and luxury condominiums, making it popular with affluent Japanese and ex-pats.


Where to Live in Shinjuku

Residential neighbourhoods include Takadanobaba home to the prestigious Waseda University, Kagurazaka is known as little Paris for its streets lined with French cafes and Michelin starred eateries, Iidabashi and Ichigaya. To the west lies Yotsuya a very calm and laid-back neighbourhood in the heart of Tokyo.


Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

In terms of green spaces, you are spoilt with one of the most beautiful parks in all of Tokyo. Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden is an expansive green space in the middle of Shinjuku Ward with a variety of Japanese traditional and formal gardens and housing Tokyo’s most important shrines. 


Shinjuku is a great place to live, not only for its downtown mega-metropolis of business, shopping, entertainment, and food, but it also fits the bill for those who like being close to the heart of excitement whilst living somewhere relaxing and quiet. 



Choosing a location to live in is the start of your exciting journey to live in Tokyo. Want to know more? Japan Hana Real Estate is here to help. Please contact us and an experienced consultant will be on hand to go through how to move to Tokyo, apartments and houses for sale in Tokyo, whether it is luxury apartments and houses for sale in Tokyo or the best Tokyo apartments for sale at an affordable price. We are here to help.


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