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Three major metropolitan areas / major cities / pre-owned apartments 70 m2 Price changes by month

Posted by Hana.A on August 4, 2021

June, Metropolitan area + 1.7% month-on-month to JPY41.14 million, continuing growth Slow in the 23 wards of Tokyo

In the Kinki region, it has risen for 8 consecutive months. In Aichi prefecture, it has risen for the first time in 2 months, approaching the highest price.

The price of pre-owned apartments in the Tokyo metropolitan area in June 2021 remained strong throughout the month, resulting in a month-on-month change. It continued to rise to JPY41.14 million, up 1.7%. Compared to the same month of the previous year, it has increased by more than 10% for two consecutive months. By prefecture, Tokyo increased by 0.7% to JPY57.11 million, increasing continuously in 12 months, and Kanagawa prefecture (+ 2.8%, JPY30.96 million) and Chiba prefecture (+ 2.0%, JPY22.91 million). increased by more than 2%, a relatively large increase. In addition, Saitama Prefecture (+ 1.1%, JPY24.65 million) also rose for the first time in three months, resulting in a rise in price levels across all three prefectures in Tokyo. The Kinki area average was driven by the Osaka area, rising 0.6% month-on-month to JPY25.79 million, rising for eight consecutive months. In Osaka prefecture, the rate of increase is on the rise, with + 2.1% to JPY28.29 million, which has been positive for its fifth consecutive month. On the other hand, in Hyogo prefecture, it continued to decline, albeit slightly, at -0.4% to JPY22.3 million. It was his first time in two months that the average for the Chubu region rose 1.3% month-on-month to JPY20.73 million, and in Aichi prefecture it rose 0.4% to JPY21.7 million. Since the latter half of 2020, the case share of Aichi Prefecture has been gradually expanding.

[Prices of pre-owned apartments by major city in June]

Prices of pre-owned apartments in major cities in the Tokyo metropolitan area rose 0.4% month-on-month to JPY63.29 million in the 23 wards of Tokyo, rising for the 12th consecutive month. In addition, Yokohama City (+ 3.5%, JPY34.24 million) and Chiba City (+ 1.3%, JPY20.69 million) continued to be positive from the previous month. On the other hand, in Saitama City, it fell by 0.6% to JPY29.79 million  for the first time in 8 months, but the situation remains high compared to the same month of the previous year. Among the major cities posted, the year-on-year comparisons in the 23 wards of Tokyo, Yokohama, and Saitama are slightly outstanding, reflecting the high needs. Prices in major cities in the Kinki region rose 2.0% month-on-month to JPY36.46 million in Osaka, rising for eight consecutive months. Over the last three months, the rate of increase has been on the rise, and the weight of the upside has been wiped out. On the other hand, Kobe City has continued to decline, albeit slightly, at -0.6% to JPY22.51 million, and the price difference with Osaka City is widening. In Nagoya city, it increased by 0.7% month-on-month to JPY24.61 million, slightly above the price level in April, which was the highest price, but compared to the same month last year, it is significantly different from those in the 23 wards of Tokyo and Osaka.

[Prices for pre-owned condominiums in the center of each metropolitan area in June]

The 6 central wards of Tokyo have continued to rise, rising 0.5% month-on-month to JPY91.64 million, excluding Chiyoda ward. It was flat to strong in the five wards. On the other hand, in the Jonan / Josai wards where the number of old construction cases has increased, it leveled off and stopped rising, and in the Johoku and Joto wards, it increased for 11 consecutive months. In the center of Osaka city + 1.5% to JPY47.55 million, rising for 7 consecutive months, and + 0.2% to JPY31.79 million in central Nagoya, including, it slightly exceeded the highest value recorded in April. The rate of price increase in the last six months is 6 in central Tokyo. Ward: JPY5.02 million, Osaka city center: JPY2.22 million, Nagoya city center: JPY1.94 million.

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