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【Updated on March 2021) Japa...

Japan Investment Immigration Guide Business Manager Visa  The Japan Business Manager Visa is for entrepreneurs who either invest in or undertake a senior role in managing a business in Japan. In this article, we discuss the conditions for obtaining the Business Manager Visa, conditions for renewal, the conditions for obtaining permanent residency and citizenship and discuss the advantages for immigrating to Japan. Conditions Applicant …

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Is JPY 5 million Enough to Immigrate to Japan?

Is JPY 5 million Enough to Immigrate to Japan? Nowadays it is commonplace for young Hong Kongers to work hard and work long hours to make a living, but in a city that has been ranked as one of the most unaffordable cities in the world to live, this has become increasingly a struggle. To many, getting a foot on the property ladder is …

【July, 2019】Interview by South China Morning Post

Unnerved by US-China trade war and deterred by property prices at home, Hong Kong investors are turning to Japan for real estate Local investors join others from China in flocking to Japan to buy property, particularly hotels and private lodgings Tokyo and Osaka are the main markets of choice, with not even a tough law on home sharing introduced last year, turning off buyers …

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Japan Immigration Guide How to move to Japan? content to be updated

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